Swifter Facility Fans

Swifter® Facility Fans are the newest and most innovative HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed), HVHS (High Volume, High Speed), ULS, and Axial fans on the market.  We have High-Efficiency fans as well as Industrial-Grade fans for facilities requiring more robust air performance.  Our Facility Fans are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum blades and are also available with corrosion & humidity resistant patented FRP composite blades for stringent industrial environments.  All of our Facility Fans have proven performance and incorporate technology from the legacy Swifter® Equipment Fan line achieving the lowest Watt/CFM rating possible.


For the last 25+ years, Swifter® has been a quality engineered solution provider for moving air across heat-exchangers, cooling towers and other industrial heat transfer equipment to reject process heat in a highly efficient way. Our product range includes a broad spectrum of patented FRP composite energy efficient and ultra-low noise industrial axial-fans up to 40’ in diameter.