The continual evolution of ceiling fans has led to the development of large industrial ceiling fans used to maintain a comfortable and safe temperature for workers and machinery. Large ceiling fans are quite different from traditional ceiling fans. They run at a slower speed, delivering a considerable amount of non-disruptive, quiet airflow. Today, every industry, warehouse, and factory are used large ceiling fans to prevent their food items from spoiling, products from drying out, equipment from rusting, and so on. They provide climate control and keep unwanted condensation off of equipment, products, and supplies.


The Bigger Size They Are, the Better the Airflow  


Warehouse ceiling fans ensure quality control and a relaxing working environment for workers. They are designed to regulate humidity and moisture levels, successively controlling mold and rust from products and equipment. They also help to keep industries’ products from drying out or melting. However, many small fans have been used to cool larger work areas. But the invention of big-size ceiling fans has changed through efficient and balanced airflow. One of the primary benefits of using industry fans instead of smaller ones is energy efficiency or energy consumption. Due to the large circumference and specially designed air foils, it only takes one large industry fan and perform well up to 34 traditional fans. 


More Airflow for Your Cashflow


Industry ceiling fans reduce indoor pollution and keep dust and debris away from your facility. Do you know poor indoor air quality can cause dust to build up in machinery, causing parts to fail or overheat? Indoor air quality can directly or indirectly affect your employees’ health, like asthma and other breathing issues. Commercial ceiling fans are advanced to maintain comfort and air quality. They also help to cut down on energy costs. If you’re planning to set up a large facility, you must continually evaluate cooling and heating costs against employee comfort and productivity.


Types of Commercial Fans used for industrial purposes


Advanced and innovative large industrial ceiling fans are available with unique features and functionality, including – HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed), HVHS (High Volume, High Speed), ULS, Axial fans, and more. These are highly-efficiency and industrial-grade fans for facilities requiring more robust air performance. These are made up of aircraft-grade aluminum blades and corrosion & humidity-resistant patented FRP composite blades for stringent industrial environments. So, what are you waiting for? Create comfort to increase productivity. These features are extruded anodized aircraft-grade aluminum airfoils designed for general industrial and commercial applications.


  • PS-5 HVLS ceiling fan | 16 ft to 24 ft diameter
  • PS-8 HVLS ceiling fan | 8 ft to 14 ft diameter
  • US-8 HVLS floor fan | 8 ft to 14 ft diameter
  • WF-6 HVLS wall fan
  • MF-6 HVHS mobile fan
  • HSC-400 hybrid solar controller


Swifterfans provides ceiling fans constructed of FRP composite corrosion-resistant cutting-edge patented airfoil blades for more stringent environments and applications demanding higher air volume. If you are willing to buy advanced ceiling fan, feel free to contact today.