Automotive plants are often set in large, open spaces and built with steel structures. These plants are equipped with heavy machinery, many moving parts, and workers who perform various jobs such as painting, repair, and manufacturing at different temperatures.

Welding, manufacturing, and painting jobs usually produce more heat and fumes inside the plants, which create poor air ventilation and circulation. And this makes the workplace unhealthy and uncomfortable for workers. The harmful fumes and smoke circulation can harm workers without proper ventilation or air circulation.

There are various technologies available through which optimum conditions can be maintained. So, suppose you are struggling with the increasing temperature inside the factory and looking for the best cooling system to make the workplace healthy, comfortable, and breathable for everyone. In that case, nothing is better than HVLS fans regarding energy saving and cost.

Reason why does automotive plants need HVLS ceiling fans?

• A lot of heavy machinery equipment, ample space, difficulty in cooling down

• Many irritating gases are produced by various jobs, especially manufacturing, painting, and welding, and air circulation is problematic.

• These irritating gases increase the temperature inside the plant and make workers uncomfortable, leading to low production and efficiency.

• The central air conditioner does not work better for large, open spaces and does not save energy.

Why airflow matters for big plants

No matter where your automotive plants are located, you will have to deal with climate change, summers can be brutally hot, and winters can be bone-chilling cold. Hence, it’s essential to install HVLS ceiling fans to cool the inside temperature and make your workplace relaxed, refreshed, and comfortable for workers. The high-volume, low-speed fans provide a wide range of benefits in terms of cost and energy saving. HVLS ceiling fan for automotive plant produces enormous columns of air, pushing and circulating large volumes of air, which encourages evaporation that can make people feel several degrees cooler. These commercial ceiling fans keep your employees cool, comfortable, and working at peak performance.

Installation of big industrial ceiling fans can save money, control the temperature, and protect the environment. They significantly reduce the energy consumed by heating and air conditioning systems. Companies typically see a decrease in air conditioning usage when commercial fans are used in conjunction with a standard HVAC system. This means the HVAC system uses less energy and emits less greenhouse gas thanks to the HVLS ceiling fan. In addition, HVLS fans can also reduce workplace hazards and improve motivation, which leads to a healthier working environment. These high-volume fans can reduce the temperature of a production facility. It can even increase worker productivity.

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PS-5 HVLS ceiling fan | 16 ft to 24 ft diameter
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• WF-6 HVLS wall fan
• MF-6, HVLS mobile fan
• HSC-400 hybrid solar controller

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