• HSP-400


The optional Modular Dual Power Solar Fan Controller System (HSP-400) uses patented smart technology to seamlessly balance AC and DC inputs as needed to operate the PS-8 Series of Swifter® HVLS Ceiling Fans. The revolutionary HSP-400 provides the most efficient way to operate your Swifter® HVLS Ceiling Fans and can significantly reduce fan operating costs by minimizing the use of AC power.

    • For maximum fan efficiency use, the HSP-400 System with solar power input only
    • For peak fan performance, use the HSP-400 System with AC grid power only
    • For peak fan performance & efficiency, use the controller in combination with the AC grid & DC solar power*
    • The HSP-400 System includes the Dual Solar Controller and a set of 4 matched solar panels
    • The HSP-400 System is available as a factory configured option with new fan purchase or as an upgrade for pre-existing fan installations.

*Using the controller in combination with AC/DC power allows the user to operate the fan at peak performance and achieve the highest possible efficiency by drawing as much available power from the sun and supplementing the balance requisite power, as needed, from the AC grid.


  • Anodized Aluminum Airfoils
  • Direct Drive Motor
  • Year Round Energy Savings
  • Control Options
  • Variable Speed Operations
  • Reverse Functionality
  • Auto-Interference Shut Off
  • Universal Voltage Input
  • Product Warranty